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Competitive Analysis and Market Research:
We provide a thorough and detailed market research on your specific company and industry. In addition, this service helps you to understand the competition as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your business.   

In particular, we define the market, state the total size of the market, explain the history, current trends, and expected growth areas, describe consumer preferences and product development trends, report current revenues for the U.S. and for other geographic segments (where possible) and past revenues. We also provide projections for future revenue growth in this sector. We also try to provide sales figures and product descriptions for the top industry providers.

We also  make strategic recommendations for your business regarding operational efficiency, product leadership (the best product) and customer intimacy (the best solution and service).

Business Intelligence Reports (on Industry and Product Research):
This is an exceptionally strong area for us and in which we have significant experience in several US and UK based companies. We deliver the highest-level of research in the form of reports that will help you to prosper in your technology business. These reports are often in the technology roadmap style providing valuable insights into a particular industry or its segment. In addition,  these reports touch upon issues such as present and future applications, price performance, the market, the main players, end users  or any legislation and regulatory issues involved.

Actionable Web Content:
We are executing several projects in this area for IT-related topics. These pieces are geared toward how to implement a business capability. Not bits and bytes but 1) What the capability is; 2) How it works; 3) Business goals; 4) Risks; 5) How you know when it’s done (e.g. acceptance test criteria); 6) Key considerations and milestones for the analysis, design and deploy phases of a project.

White Paper:
We  develop and deliver this high-quality marketing tool for your prospects (or, even existing or past customers) to let them know how they can increase productivity, efficiency or return on investment (ROI).  
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